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Today’s digital era is difficult to keep away from. Special expertise is needed in order to keep up in the digital era, especially marketing.

We are a full service digital marketing agency. We understand, offer consultation, strategize, process the designs and implement them in the field of marketing and technology.

We’re partnering with our clients to drive their business and implementing the latest marketing methods to achieve the best and to always keep up in this digital era.

Digital creative

Our goals are to provide content marketing and the right exposure in accordance with the up to date trends--from product photos, graphic design, and videography--based on clients’ goals and requests, budget allocation, target segmentation, and the platform.

Paid media

This service facilitates clients to get the right exposure about paid media with the directed steps from media analysis, planning to execution. This service is expected to be able to manage clients’ budget with maximum performance to get the targeted result.

Web development

Digital marketing today cannot be separated from the web development. We have excellent web developers to create a system that suits our client's business. Through website, our client network will be wider to support the marketing process.

Sales Distribution management

In today’s digital era, massive marketing is one of the keys to achieve success. The selection of the right, directed, and managed platform are all important. Thus, the marketing distribution will be more effective, well maintained, and also provide the best results.

Event management

Offline marketing? Sure we can handle that. We have event management team called GeX (Grob Experience). See details in here

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